Yerevan: Ambassador Panajotović Cvetković with the Minister of Health of Armenia

01. Aug 2022.
Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Armenia Tatjana Panajotović Cvetković met with Minister of Health of Armenia Anahit Avanesian.

Minister Avanesian congratulated Ambassador Panajotović Cvetković on her inauguration in Yerevan and wished her success in her work, emphasising her wish to improve cooperation of Armenia and Serbia in the field of health.

Ambassador Panajotović Cvetković and Minister Avanesia had a warm and meaningful conversation, in which they positively evaluated the development of bilateral relations and political dialogue between the Serbian and the Armenian peoples, with a special emphasis on the solidarity and friendly relations between the Serbian and Armenian peoples, the opening of the Embassy of Serbia in Yerevan, as well as the expectation that a diplomatic office would be open in Belgrade in the upcoming period.

Ambassador Panajotović Cvetković conveyed readiness to develop cooperation in the field of health, particularly in the field of contractual cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience.

Minister Avanesia highlighted the possibilities of exchange of experts and medical staff, cooperation between university health institutions, exchange of experiences on the Rapid Response Mechanism, as well as the exchange of experiences in the context of the reform of the primary health system which is currently being implemented in Armenia.

She stated that, with the support of the World Health Organisation, Emergency Medical Teams Global Meeting would be held in Yerevan in October 2022, and invited the Minister of Health of the Republic of Serbia to visit Armenia.