Sports Events

In order to take preventive action and avoid incidents during international competitions involving sports clubs from the Republic of Serbia, it is recommended that sports associations and clubs promptly inform the competent embassy of the Republic of Serbia about the participation of their representatives and teams in competitions abroad. The form for this purpose can be downloaded here.

Information about participation in a sports competition abroad is submitted directly to the embassy of the Republic of Serbia in the country where the competition is held. A list of embassies and contact information can be found here.

If the competition is held in a country without diplomatic or consular representation of the Republic of Serbia, the application must be submitted to the embassy responsible for that country on a non-residential basis. A list of these representative offices and contact information can be found here.

At least three working days before the competition commences, the sports association or club should submit a fully completed form to the relevant embassy, providing information regarding participation in a sports competition. Alongside the form, a list of all participants in Latin script should be included.

The Embassy will then relay information about the participation of athletes from the Republic of Serbia to the competent institution of the host country, enabling them to take appropriate measures and provide protection for the citizens of the Republic of Serbia in the event of a negative security assessment.