For holders of diplomatic and official passports:

Visa required

For holders of national passports and other travel documents:

Visa required


Citizens of the Republic of Serbia require a visa for entering Syria, obtainable at the Syrian Embassy in Belgrade. Formally, there is an option to obtain a visa at the border crossing, but since the outbreak of hostilities in 2011, obtaining a visa in this way is uncertain, thus it is recommended to obtain it at the Embassy. The duration of validity of the passport for tourist travel must be 3 months.

No social security agreement has been signed.


HEALTH SITUATION – Healthcare is good. In addition to state hospitals, there is a large number of private practices and clinics.
It is recommended to consume bottled water, while for food there are no special limitations. Plenty of fruit and vegetables are available, but they need to be washed well.

SECURITY SITUATION – Due to the deteriorating situation, citizens of the Republic of Serbia are not recommended to travel to Syria, except under exceptional circumstances. The only currently legal and safe entry to Syria is from Lebanon, at the Masnaa border town, and from the direction of Tripoli. The option of entering Syria from Jordan has recently opened up, through the Nasib border crossing, but the use of this route is not recommended due to frequent terrorist activity along the border area.

TRANSPORT – The international airport in Syria is located in Damascus. After the outbreak of unrest nearly all large international airlines have cancelled their flights to Damascus, thus of all the European companies only the Russian Aeroflot has flights. The Syrian national airline (Syrian Air) and the Cham Wings private company maintain regular flights to over twenty destinations.
The most important ports in Syria are Latakia and Tartus.
The passenger railway network in the region is poorly developed. Transport between cities is mainly by bus. Public transport in large cities is limited. The main means of public transport are minibuses and taxis.
An international driver’s licence is required for driving a motor vehicle. Note that it is not recommended to drive diesel cars due to the poor quality of fuel.

OTHER – The official currency is the Syrian lira (SYP), its value in July 2023 amounting to 1 EUR = 8.947 SYP, 1 USD = 8.200 SYP, but due to the local situation it changes daily.
The use of cards is limited. Due to the introduction of sanctions against Syria it is impossible to use foreign cards. The range of price is wide, depending on the desired quality of service. This applies to both restaurants and hotels, as well as transport and doctor’s visits. Traditional restaurants may be more accessible than in Serbia, while prices in exclusive establishments are high. “Haggling” during purchase (particularly in “souqs” or street shops) is part of the local culture.

Contact information:
During your stay in Syria, for consular assistance and protection you may contact the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Damascus (address: Mazzeh Eastern Villas, Farabi Street No.30) at the following telephone numbers: +963 11 6120682, +963 11 6120683, or via e-mail: .