For holders of diplomatic and official passports:

Visa required

For holders of national passports and other travel documents:

Visa required


For visas and information contact the Embassy of Guinea-Bissau in Brussels.
Holders of a Serbian passport require a visa for entering the territory of Guinea-Bissau. The period of validity of the passport for tourist travel must be 6 months, while for regulating residence it must be 6 months as of the date of the visa application.
Any amount of foreign convertible currency may be brought into the country, under the condition that the money is declared during entry. The export of convertible money is limited by the amount imported. The import and export of local currency is not permitted.

No social security agreement has been signed.


HEALTH SITUATION – Vaccination is mandatory against jaundice, while vaccination against diphtheria-tetanus-poliomyelitis and meningitis is recommended. The risk of cholera imposes the need for strict hygiene measures, as well as preventive measures against malaria. Current information on the health situation in Guinea-Bissau can be found on the World Health Organization website.

SECURITY SITUATION – Particular caution is advised during travel and movement in Guinea- Bissau, having in mind the unstable internal situation. Full precautionary measures need to be undertaken when travelling around the country, particularly regarding the safekeeping of personal documents and cash. Travelling at night should be avoided.

TRANSPORT – The most optimal connection for travelling to the country from Europe are flights to the city of Bissau, several times per day from Lisbon.

OTHER – The official currency is the Algerian dinar. Money can be exchanged in banks. The exchange of foreign currency for local currency outside official locations, such as banks and exchange offices, is punishable.
The climate varies from Mediterranean to Saharan. Winters in the north are rainy and cold, while summers are hot and dry. The climate along the Mediterranean coast is gentler, due to the proximity of the sea. The east of Algeria is characterised by more precipitation than the west. A waterless area starts from the foothills of Atlas, dry and tropical with high temperature deviations ranging from 36°C during the day to 5°C at night.
Behaviour and habits, particularly regarding dress and during Ramadan, need to be adjusted accordingly to the customs of Muslim countries.

Contact information:
During your stay in Guinea-Bissau, for consular assistance and protection you may contact the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Algeria (address: 42, Rue des Frères Benali Abdellah (ex Parmentier), B.P.366, Hydra, ALGER), covering Guinea-Bissau on a non-residential basis, at the following telephone numbers: + 213 23 474150, + 213 23 474151, emergency contact: + 213 770 30 12 65 or e-mail: