Minister Dacic at a reception hosted for members of the International Women's Club on the occasion of 8 March

08. Mar 2024.
First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic spoke at the reception hosted for members of the International Women's Club on the occasion of 8 March, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the Museum of Diplomacy.

Full statement by Minister Dacic reads as follows:

„Esteemed Excellencies,

Distinguished members of the International Women's Club,

It is my honor and pleasure to be your host at the Museum of Serbian Diplomacy, on the day when International Women's Day is celebrated around the world.

Although we should be dedicated to them every day, 8 March is especially important to constantly remind us of the struggle that women have waged for equality throughout history. From Christine de Pizan, through Georg Sand, Clara Zetkin, Rosa Parks, to the heroines of the modern era, women changed the course of history with their actions and fought for their unjustly denied rights.

At the same time, this day warns us that the fight is far from over and that there are still many things ahead of us that we have to do in order for women in our society to be completely equal.

On this occasion, I would like to mention only some women who marked the modern history of the people to which I belong. I can proudly say that UNESCO also marked the 150th anniversary of the birth of Nadežda Petrović. This great artist, fighter for women's rights, altruist, patriot and war nurse occupies a special place in the history of Serbian culture and the cultural heritage of our country. Milunka Savić, a warrior woman, Marija Maga Magazinović, Jelisaveta Načić, Draga Ljočić, but also the three first women in Serbian diplomacy: Stana Tomašević Arnesen, Ljubica Stojimirović and Sonja Dapčević Oreščanin, are just some of our female compatriots whose deeds made an immeasurable contribution to the development of our country.

Esteemed ladies,

On this day especially, we should remember that, not so long ago, it was unthinkable for a woman to be an engineer, doctor or pilot, and let's not forget that the fight for the equal position of women in society is still very active. We must not ignore the fact that a large number of women suffer various forms of discrimination every day, and it is up to us, men, to make it clear that this has no place in our society.

I can point out with pleasure that today, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have more women in senior positions than ever before. We are also proud of the fact that in the country, more and more women are holding the most responsible positions.

Dear ladies,

I have established a tradition to present a flower to all the ladies I work with on this day. And there are two reasons for that. One is that I want to symbolically thank them for their daily responsible and serious efforts, and the other is that I want to, in this way, apologize to them for all the injustices they have suffered throughout history just because they are members of a prettier, gentler, but incomparably stronger gender.

I wish you a happy Women’s Day!“