First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Ivica Dačić interviewed for “Fokus” on TV B92

30. Nov 2022.
First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Ivica Dačić appeared as a guest on the TV show “Fokus” on TV B92 and talked about current topics.

He started by emphasising the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, as well as the idea of the Prime Minister of the temporary institutions in Pristina Albin Kurti that the dialogue with Belgrade should be ended by the next spring.

Minister Dačić said that Kurti did not observe the Brussels Agreement and did not want to establish or continue the dialogue unless Kosovo’s independence was discussed.

He emphasised that Serbia was in the meantime facing various pressures and blackmails every day.

“This is an old Albanian idea - and it is a good thing that it is publicly discussed, since some people in Europe and USA think that this is our idea - but the only goal of all Albanians is to unite into the so-called Greater Albania”, he said.

Minister Dačić also talked about the EU and their attitude towards the so-called Kosovo, saying that accepting someone as a candidate for EU membership means that you were also recognising them as a state.

In his words, Serbia will never reject any plans, but “we have instead just said what we find unacceptable - Kosovo as a EU Member State”.

“The Western leaders are saying they cannot force Kurti to do anything, but how are they able to force us to do anything?” asked Minister Dačić, and added:

“We don’t have a majority in the EU, but we do have five countries which do not recognise Kosovo, and we have Hungary, which has said they will not vote for Kosovo's membership in the Council of Europe and the EU, even though they have recognised the so-called Kosovo, and is it our interest to undermine our relations with those countries?”

According to him, Russia and China are the #1 countries for Serbia, and Serbia should not undermine its relations with them.

At the end of his appearance on the show, Minister Dačić stated that Serbia was not lecturing anyone, but was not stupid either.

“We are very well aware of what is going on here”, concluded Minister Dačić.

Source/Photo: B92/Tanjug, Rade Prelić