Đurić: The behavior of Albanian rioters must stop, there is no justification for vandalism

11. Jun 2021.
The Serbian Ambassador to Washington, Marko Đurić, condemned on Twitter the move of Albanian extremists who wrote "Jesus hates Serbs" on the Church of Christ the Savior in Pristina.

"Pristina is the 'capital' of Kosovo, where only about 90 elderly Serbs from the pre-war population of over 45,000 remain. The next day, the Kosovo police sat idle, while the Kosovo government approved", he wrote on Twitter.

Đurić emphasized that the extreme Kosovo-Albanian rioters once again vandalized the church under the pretext that "a provocative liturgy was held there", and that the unfinished church was a "sanctuary of chauvinism and hatred" before the war.

"This year alone, as many as 40 attacks on Christian temples in Kosovo and Metohija have been recorded. This has to stop now. There can be no justification", Đurić wrote on Twitter.