Official name
Islamic Republic of Iran
Form of government
Islamic republic
Date of establishment of bilateral relations
30 April 1937

* the governing role in the state and social apparatus of Iran is held by the supreme religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei


Political relations

The Republic of Serbia and the Islamic Republic of Iran have traditionally good relations. On the occasion of marking the 80-year anniversary of diplomatic relations, the Archives of Yugoslavia opened the exhibition Belgrade - Tehran, 80 years of diplomatic relations on 24 November 2017.

Political relations are good, characterised by regular contact between officials and mutual support in international organisations. An additional element of quality for the relations is provided by the principal position of Iran on the non-recognition of the unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo.

Visits of officials of the two states are regularly being exchanged. The President of the Republic of Serbia at the time T. Nikolić visited Iran in 2016, while the Speaker of the Parliament of Iran at the time A. Larijani visited Serbia in 2019. A visit of the MFA of Iran to Serbia was conducted in 2018. MFA of Serbia N. Selakovic visited Iran 17-18th April 2021.   


Economic relations

Economic relations between the two countries are mainly conducted through trade exchange, at a low level and with a narrow product structure.

During 2019 the exchange of goods amounted to approximately 34.49 million euros, with 8.259 million euros in exports and 26.239 million euros in imports (Serbia mainly exported various types of paper and cardboard - Tetra Pak, corn, tools, parts of rail vehicles, rolling bearings, sunflower seeds, while the import was dominated by polymers, petroleum oils and bitumen, dry fruit, glass). In 2020 exports amounted to 6.075 million euros, while imports amounted to 14.504 million euros.


Bilateral agreements

Agreement on economic and technical cooperation with Iran

Date of signing: 24 April 1966

Date of coming into force: 15 September 1967

The Agreement was published inThe Official Gazette No. 5/1968 - Addendum


Agreement on mutual incentives and protection of investments between Serbia and Montenegro and the Islamic Republic of Iran

Date of signing: 5 December 2003

Date of coming into force: 6 July 2006

The Agreement was published inThe OfficialGazette, No. 2/2005


Agreement between the CoM of Serbia and Montenegro and the Islamic Republic of Iran on the avoidance of double taxation regarding income and property tax

Date of signing: 7 December 2004

Date of coming into force: 16 December 2011

The Agreement was published inThe Official Gazette of Serbia and Montenegro, No. 6/2005


Contact information

Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tehran:

Embassy of Iran in Belgrade:

Contact at the MFA: Department for Africa and the Middle East, tel. +381 11 3068254, e-mail: