For holders of diplomatic and official passports:

Visa not required for stays of up to 90 days

For holders of national passports and other travel documents:

Visa required (visa is issued for a 30-day period, with possible extension of another 60 days)


Citizens of the Republic of Serbia need a visa to enter Honduras. For visa and other information, contact the Embassy of Honduras in Rome (Italy). For tourism purposes, the passport must be valid for at least another 3 months. When regulating a stay, the approved length of stay will depend on the passport validity period.
It is not possible to obtain a visa or tourist pass at border crossings.
Funds exceeding 10,000 dollars must be declared, and a fee of 27 dollars must be paid when entering and leaving the country. Also, it is necessary to fill in the immigration form when entering and leaving the country.
A permit must be obtained for bringing hunting weapons into the country.
Pets may be brought into the country with a certificate of their health and vaccination against rabies, issued by a veterinary institution from the Republic of Serbia.
It is prohibited to bring dairy products into the country.

No social security agreement has been concluded.


HEALTH SITUATION — Proof of vaccination and health insurance are not required. However, travel health insurance is recommended.
It is recommended to drink bottled water, avoid eating at street outlets, and to use repellents.

SECURITY SITUATION — Crime risks are high. Increased caution is needed due to widespread street delinquency and activities of criminal drug groups. Due to the high security risk, it is not recommended to go outside the central city area in Tegucigalpa, nor to go on trips to the remote parts of the interior of the country, especially at night. Stopping taxis on public roads is also not recommended.
Natural disasters are common. During the hurricane period, from May to November, there is a risk of strong storms, heavy rains and landslides, and a possibility of occasional earthquakes as the country is in a seismic zone. Light clothing is recommended throughout the year.

TRANSPORT The international airports are Toncontin and Puerto Cortéz. The country has rail traffic, the quality of the road network varies, and the Pan-American motorway is generally in good condition.
Serbian citizens may operate a motor vehicle with their national (Serbian) driver's licence. It is necessary to have a liability insurance that is obtained upon entering the country.

OTHER INFORMATION The local currency is the lempira (HNL). US dollar is also accepted in tourist areas. It is possible to use all international credit cards.

Contact information
During your stay in Honduras, for consular assistance and protection, you may contact the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Mexico, which covers Honduras on a non-residential basis, at the following telephone number: (00 52 55) 55 20 05 24, or e-mail: